Check out the Ace Cafe London shop for a wide range of  Xmas gifts, including the critically acclaimed Ace Times. Speed thrills and tea spills, a cafe and a culture book, which relates and illustrates the definitive history of London’s Ace Cafe, a roadside pull-in that opened in 1938 and became a famous haunt of the motorcycle-riding ‘Ton Up Kids’ in the 50’s and the Rockers in the 60’s.

The book also tells the story of other venues and cafes, like the 59 Club, the Busy Bee and others elsewhere around the country.

A substantial high quality hardback publication, packed with personal recollections and evocative photographs, Ace Times also features the fastest motorcycles, the loudest music, the iconic movies and the distinctive clothing and styles of the cafe racing era. Burn ups, press hysteria, rock n’ roll riots, police baiting, Mods and Rockers, pirate radio, and loads more besides, all unambiguously revealed.

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