All-American Cruise-In + Jeep + 4 x 4 Special – 4pm

130 years ago in 1893, before the establishment of the modern automotive industry in Britain, English engineer Bramah Joseph Diplock patented a four-wheel drive system for a steam-powered traction engine.  Ten years later in 1903, the world’s first four-wheel-drive car directly powered by an internal-combustion engine, and the first with a front-engine, four-wheel-drive (4WD) layout, was the Dutch 60 H.P “Spyker”.
Eighty-two years ago, and after arduous testing, Willys-Overland was awarded the contract in 1941 to deliver to the United States (U.S.) Military a 1/4 ton “light reconnaissance vehicle”.  It’s the stuff of legend; the U.S. Army requested a vehicle—and drove off in a hero, the Jeep!
Ace Cafe London’s regular monthly All-American Cruise-In on Saturday 25th February celebrates the Jeep and 4 x 4’s from USA
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