All-American Cruise-In (+ Pontiac Pow-Wow)

Saturday 29th June
From 4pm
Ace Cafe London’s regular monthly All-American Cruise-In on Saturday 29th June, with DJ Rockin’ Wolf on the decks from 7pm, celebrates Pontiac – The Chieftain, Silver Streak, Star Chief, Catalina, Bonneville and from 1955 the V8, a Tri-Power motor being the Indy 500 pace car in 1958 – and perhaps most notably from 1964 the “Go, go, go GTO (rev it up and go)” GTO!
From the 1960’s Pontiac was the performance division of GM, giving rise to the advent of the Tempest and subsequently the LeMans, with the then all new GM A body of 1964 – and John Delorean came up with an option package that included the 389ci V8 rated at 325 or 348hp, it was called GTO – the era of the muscle car was had arrived, and Pontiac followed up with the GTO Judge, the Firebird & Trans Ams, Ram Air motors and, in 1970, the big block 455ci V8!
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