All-American Cruise-In (+ T-Bird & Ford Special)

Saturday 30th September

16.00 – 23.00

With the “Blue Oval” dating from 1907 and a family that includes Lincoln and Mercury, come and join Ace Cafe London celebrating the 105th anniversary of the Ford car that changed everything, the Model T.

The 95th anniversary of the opening in 1928 of the River Rouge Plant, Dearborn USA, and the 50th “Golden” anniversary of the release in 1973 of the film “American Graffiti”, gave us a guy called John Milner and his ’32 Ford and an elusive mystery girl driving a white 1956 Ford Thunderbird!

From Hank Williams and his “hot rod Ford” of 1951, the 1955 “Hot Rod Lincoln” of Charlie Ryan, and the Collins Kids “Hot Rod” of 1958, to get your fix, listen, revel and be immersed in a mix of the best rock and roll and rockabilly, blended with the London sub-culture sounds, broadcasting 24/7 on online radio and social media.

There’s soda pop and the dancing’s free
So if you wanna have fun, come along with me

See you at the Ace!