Harley Day Sunday 27th August

Sunday 27th August
9am – 5pm
Ace Cafe London is hosting Harley Day from 9am to 5pm on Sunday 27th August.
This special annual all-day occasion at the Ace, a feature now embedded as a must attend fixture on the calendars of thousands of like-minded enthusiasts, sees riders converge throughout the day to enjoy, relish and witness machines from HD, and celebrate the 120th anniversary of the Milwaukee marvel founded in 1903.
This year, 2023, also the 70th anniversary of the HD KR model launched in 1953, and the 65th of the Duo Glide in 1958 as well the 32nd anniversary of HOG going international, includes the debut at the Ace of “Phoenix Rocks Guitar”.
Together with his Gibson Les Paul “Slash” guitar, an icon of rock n’ roll, the now ten year old Phoenix has played with the Canadian rock band “Monster Truck” and featured on BBC London earlier this year.
“Break Out” and see you at the Ace!