Wednesday 4th April
6pm – 11pm
Having originally opened in 1938, the Ace this year celebrates its 80th anniversary and, on Hot Rod Night Wednesday 4th April, this includes with our special “Vintage Pinstriping” guest, Jane.
Pinstriping is a traditional style of vehicle artwork, of which there are 2 main genres, the long-lining that stems from old style carriage detailing (coach lines or go-faster stripes), and the more decorative design style that goes hand-in-hand with the 50’s and 60’s So-Cal hot-rod and motorcycle scene. It is considered an intrinsic part of the rock’n’roll era. Many who own vehicles of this era, or have vehicles with that look, get some pinstripes done to emphasise the retro-custom look.
Over the past 15 years Jane and the Vintage Pinstripe stand has become a familiar sight at hot rod, motorcycle, music and vintage lifestyle shows across the UK. As one of a small handful of reputable ‘stripers on the UK circuit, Vintage Pinstripe puts great effort into maintaining and further developing their excellent reputation with services including sign writing, decorative art and engraving as well as ‘striping.
This is how it typically works:
  • You drive/ride your vehicle in, or drop off your double bass or handbag (or anything else)
  • You have a bit of a chat about what you want painted on it, colours, etc.
  • Later on you pick up your item, with its finished paintjob
  • Or you can stay and watch the process, it’s your choice.
Vintage Pinstripe run regular teaching workshop days in Tottenham, London N17. In 2015 Jane was sponsored by 1-Shot paint (USA) to teach pinstriping in New Zealand (her home country), and it was so successful that she did another teaching tour the following year.
Raffle prizes up for grabs on the evening include a pair of tickets for two to attend the Jukebox & Retro Fair, a pair of tickets to the Nostalgia Nationals at Santa Pod, and copies of Vintage Rock Magazine.
Spend £5 or more over the counter from 6pm and receive a raffle ticket
Draw at 10pm
Vintage Pinstripe
Juke Box Fair
Santa Pod Nostalgia Nationals