Motorcycle Awareness Day – Think Bike!

“MAD Sunday”
2nd June
9am – 5pm
In 1956 the UK Government commissioned Roland Davis, a then accredited War illustrator and cartoonist, to address the problem of high accident rates among young motorcyclists by means of nationally launched `shock` motorcycle road safety posters “Don’t Do It!” and “Journey’s End!”, both were displayed in the Ace.
Today the posters are not only on display at, they are also available from the cafe, faithfully reprinted in full colour and using authentic 1950`s poster paper to the exact size as the original, approx. 51cm x 76cm.
With a message as relevant today as it was back then and whether you’re thinking about taking up riding or if you are a new or experienced rider, with bikes through the years generally getting faster and sharper, the cafes annual Motorcycle Awareness Day (MAD Sunday) is focused on the powered two-wheeled community.
For current and prospective riders, from learner to advanced, and always with Safety First, Motorcycle Awareness Day 2024 at the Ace includes with and supporting London’s Air Ambulance, MAG London, and the IAM. Learn how riders can help fight crime – Lock it, tag it or lose it – as well as how to get the best from your bike or scooter. From how to position yourself in traffic to the secrets of staying safe, you will be able to find out about the skills you need to become a better rider. Learn from police motorcyclists who have to know how to ride safely in all weathers, road and traffic conditions and yes, how to go fast at times.