National Ride to Work Week 2018 is from Monday 18th June and calls on all motorcyclists to commute to work on their bikes.

Organised and run by the Motorcycle Industry Association, to include encouraging leisure riders to grasp the opportunity and support the initiative to #CommuteHappy. Many riders miss out on the benefits that their bikes could bring to their daily commute.  You are likely to significantly reduce your journey time, save money, and arrive far less stressed than your non-riding colleagues.

Riding a motorcycle to work will be helping to reduce congestion for all road users and play a significant role in reducing air pollution.  Studies show that a 10% modal shift from single occupancy cars to powered two wheelers will yield a 40% reduction in congestion for all road users and a 6% reduction in overall emissions.  These are benefits that all road users reap from riders extending their passion for two wheels into a regular transport option.

If you can only make it onto a bike for one day during the week, make it Thursday 21st June, as this is also Clean Air Day.  A typical 125cc commuter bike emits virtually no emissions, and the reduction in congestion will also help reduce secondary pollution from other vehicles on the road.  Riding to work on a scooter or motorcycle will greatly reduce your exposure to particulate matter in comparison with taking the tube in London.   If you want to go clean, get on your motorbike and #CommuteHappy

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