Ace Cafe London hosts the National Chopper Club London’s 11th annual “Diamond Day”, the capital city’s prestigious one day custom bike show, from 11am Saturday 6th July
In addition to the bikes, trikes, stands, stalls, and rock DJ, all organised by NCC London, from 1pm and into the afternoon a special double-bill of hard riding live rock music sounds is courtesy of two bands debuting at the Ace, “Cyanide Sundae” and “Indya”, check them out at:
Plenty of prizes to be awarded at this free to attend show –  including  “Best in Show” and “New Chop on the Block” – through to the best Classic!
The NCC  was founded as a club in 1973.
For info about NCC London and Diamond Day at the Ace, see here.
Photo: Toni Harris