Ace Cafe London hosts the National Chopper Club London’s 25th annual “Diamond Day”, the capital city’s prestigious one day custom bike show, from 11am Saturday 1st July.
Together with a special acoustic set from London-born British singer and songwriter Brooke Law, and in addition to the bikes, trikes, stands, stalls and rock DJ, all organised by NCC London, and hosting Round 2 of the BSH Custom Bike Building Championship 2023, there are plenty of prizes to be awarded at this free to attend show, including for best “Classic” to “Best in Show”, “New Chop on the Block” and, for the first time, “Best Scooter”.
This year is not only the 25th annual NCC London “Diamond Day”, it is also the 50th “Golden” anniversary of the founding in 1973 of the NCC and the 40th “Ruby” anniversary of BSH, first published November/December 1983.