New in stock – the Ace “splatter “ Triumph t-shirt.

This high quality premium cotton ring spun t-shirt shows the image of the Triumph Thruxton Ace 1200R painted by Makoto Endo.

The digital direct to garment printing recreates the exact image of this amazing painting, where the artist has successfully managed to reach his goal by “painting the sound of the engine”.

A motorcyclist since the age of 16 and a professional artist, Makoto Endo began painting motorcycle art about seven years ago. His unique technique involves flinging India ink onto the canvas using chopsticks. With his focus solely on motorcycles, Makoto Endo said his main goal is to “paint the sound of the engine.”

Makoto paints in his socks, with a blanket to cushion his knees, black and white ink as his medium, and a few pairs of chopsticks as his tools. But he’s doing more than splashing paint onto six by four-foot canvases. He creates an outline, adds a flurry of sprinkles and splatters, then painstakingly drips and spreads the ink with deft swipes.

Available now at Ace Cafe London or via the Ace web shop