Scooter & Mod “End of Summer” Tony Class Memorial Special

Sunday 1st October

9am – 5pm

Band: The Ska Faces

Fifty years on from 1967 and “Itchycoo Park”, and following up on a great day last year, this year’s Ace Cafe London Scooter & Mod “End of Summer” Tony Class Memorial Special celebrates the 45th anniversary of the 1972 release of “The Harder They Come”, the film that is said to have “brought reggae to the world”,  with the Ace hosting the 5-piece band The Ska Faces”, playing the best of Mod, Ska, 2Tone, Trojan, Rudy and Northern Soul, and is for all those that “Keep the Faith” with “All or Nothing”

Together with a pair of tickets to attend the forthcoming Jukebox & Retro Fair, Ace Cafe London has a copy of the book “The A to Z of Mod” up for grabs amongst the free raffle prizes on the day.

This exclusive 304 page hard bound book, with its 300 colour illustrations, by Paolo Hewitt and Mark Baxter, is a visual compendium of Mod style.

For some Mod means a way of life: London clubs and Lambrettas, cigarettes and speed. For others it’s clothes: trim suits, sunglasses and loafers. Combining style savvy with cultural anthropology, this guide to the many aspects of Mods takes an alphabetical approach to the most enduring of youth cults.

Beginning with A bout de souffle and ending with Zoot Money, authors and Mod experts Paolo Hewitt and Mark Baxter touch on every facet of the fad. Entries such as Eel Pie Island, Otis Redding, Mary Quant, and Ready Steady Go give intriguing background information, history and facts, while colourful illustrations bring Mod style to life. Style hounds, pop music fans, and Anglophiles of all ages will be entertained and inspired by this book that proves that, while “mod”-ernism has gone through several phases, it’s never gone out of style

Juke Box Fair