Restored + Exclusive 60th Anniversary Bonus Film Featuring Rita Tushingham & The Leather Boys back at the Ace.
2023 is the 60th anniversary of the 1963 filming of “The Leather Boys” and, though it’s been a long time coming, it is now back in stock and includes  exclusive bonus film featuring Rita Tushingham and The Leather Boys Back at the Ace.
The cafe played a leading role in this Sidney J. Furie film, which stars Rita Tushingham, Colin Campbell & Dudley Sutton, utilising many of the cafe’s patrons as film ‘extras’.
Shooting numerous scenes at the Ace Cafe, Furie, eager to achieve realism, took advice from the local riders. “You’d never find an Ace boy wearing them jeans” he was told one morning.
Furie’s direction, coupled with strong performances combine to make “The Leather Boys” one of the great British films of the sixties.
Locations, to include the Ace, used in the film are shown here.
Rita Tushingham was special guest at the Grand Reopening of the cafe in September 2001.
To obtain a copy of this fully restored 137 minute film, visit the Ace Cafe Shop