Sunday 26th June
9am – 5pm
Ace Cafe London’s annual Triton & Cafe Racer Day – Sunday 26th June
Along with the clip-on bars, rear-set ‘pegs and swept back exhausts, check out the sounds on the new Ace “Rocket” jukebox, and meet and chat with the 59 Club’s volunteer team throughout the day – you can renew your membership if it is due or join the Club!
Three Ace prize goodie packs are up for grabs as prizes on the day at 3pm for the “Best Cafe Racers”, to include with a T-Bird Records 24 track CD of “instrumentals” from the classic Rock and Roll era of the 1950’s and 1960’s
Best Triton
Best Classic
Best Modern
Check out the music (and films) available from the Ace shop!