Sunday 11th June
9am – 5pm
Ace Cafe London’s annual Triumph Day, Sunday 11th June, with “Triumph West London”, celebrates the definitive and ever evolving British motorcycle marque and its unique 121 year history that, famously, includes with the late Marlon Brando riding a 1950 Triumph 6T Thunderbird in the 1953 film “The Wild One” which, banned in the UK until the 21st November 1967 when it received an ‘X’ certificate, was first seen by the general UK public at the 59 Club in Paddington, London in 1968!
As well as 2023 being the 85th anniversary of the Ace originally having opened in 1938, it is also the:
100th anniversary of the Triumph Model H production ending – 1915 to 1923
70th anniversary of the Triumph Tiger, introduced in 1953
50th anniversary of the Triumph X-75 Hurricane, introduced in 1973
50th anniversary of the Triumph 750 Bonneville, introduced in 1973
40th anniversary of Co-op production ending in 1983
20th anniversary of Triumph returning to and winning at the IoM TT in 2003.
Spanning all Triumph models, whether singles, twins, triples, or “multi’s”, as well as all those specials powered by a Triumph motor, from the Meriden built classics through to the latest modern Hi-Tec kit from Hinckley, including the unique all new TE-1, and with official Triumph dealer at the cafe on the day.
Fire it up , ride on down, and see you at the Ace!