Vintage & Classic Bike Day + VMCC + WSRA

Sunday 13th August
9am – 5pm
Ace Cafe London’s annual Vintage & Classic Bike Day with the VMCC  from 9am to 5pm on Sunday 13th August, includes “Speedway at the Ace” to celebrate, courtesy of the “Speedway Museum” and the World Speedway Riders Association, the 100th anniversary of Wembley’s famous stadium and the inauguration in 1929, in Great Britain, of the championship competition that was the forerunner of the World Championship.
Hosting WSRA special guest Bert Harkins, (who was captain of the Wembley “Lions” in the 1970s) an array of special speedway machines, race jackets from all the London Speedway teams, together with the VMCC will all be at the Ace.
Formed 77 years ago in 1946 at a cafe in Surrey by a band of 38 enthusiasts, the VMCC today has 86 Local & Non Territorial Sections throughout the UK and more than 1200 events to take part in every year.
Spanning all makes, marques and models, vintage or classic, factory produced or built in a shed, shop or garage, whether singles, twins, triples, or “multi’s”, as well as all those one-off specials, let’s see them at the Ace!
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