Naked Special – Speedway at the Ace

Sunday 23rd October
9am – 5pm
“Speedway at the Ace” on Sunday 23rd October, courtesy of the “Speedway Museum” and the World Speedway Riders Association (WSRA), this year celebrates the 65th anniversary of their founding in 1957.
It is also the 93rd anniversary , of the (GB) championship competition that was the forerunner of the World Championship, last held at Wembley 41 years ago in 1981.
Special guests include the WSRA Chairman Bert Harkins, who was captain of the “Lions” in the 1970s, together with an array of special speedway machines from through the eras.
1967 World Championship, Wembley, see link:

Speed thrills and tea spills, see you at the Ace!
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