Ton Up Winterblot

Saturday 3rd February
7pm – 11pm
Ace Cafe London hosts the free to attend Ton Up Club International 17th annual Winterblot, organised by Ton Up London and celebrating the link established in the 1950’s between a jukebox playing rock n’ roll and personal transport. For young Brit kids this was a motorbike, and the Ace Cafe was home to these new machines and their soundtracks – the Ton Up kids and the cafe racer had arrived!
From “Just for Kicks” to “Breakfast at the Ace”, it’ll be an evening of “Rockin’ at the Ace Cafe”, so come along and revel in a mix of the best rock and roll, brought to you by DJs Vince and Leather Girl Hiroko.
At the all entirely arbitrary decision of Ton Up London, prizes to be won for “Furthest Travelled” and “Best Leather”!
For “Ton Up London” info, see link:
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NB: The 30th annual Ace Cafe Reunion is weekend of 6/7/8.9.24, see link: